Terminals of South Bend International Airport

The South Bend International Airport terminal is located 244 meters above average sea level and covers a total area of 890 hectares. It operates through three asphalt runways: 9L/27R is which is 1.311 meters long, 9R/27L which is 2.565 meters long, and 18/36 which is 2.164 meters long.

The terminal was initially designed by HOK and Cole Associates; however, the expansion project that took place in 2011 was prepared by Ken Herceg & Associates.

The terminal has nine boarding gates, six of those (3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) are equipped with the jetways, the rest of those (1, 2, 4), in turn, are ground-level.

There are a concession area/lounge, cafes, and restaurants, a business center, a gift shop, a children's play area, and free Wi-Fi spread across the terminal building.

The terminal is opened from 03:30 until approximately 23:30 when the last flight arrives at the airport.